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democrats are bringing those affected as their dpess, include ing the mother of the slain chicago teen. from domestic battles to international unrest, president obama will have strong words for north korea. just this morning, the country conducted its third nuclear test. in a statement, the president called it a highly provocative act and promised to pursue action. in afghanistan, the president is expected to detail the end of the war there. florida senator, marco rubio, will deliver the republican response to tonight's state of the union. following tonight's speech, president obama leaves on a three-day tour to push his economic agenda. he's hoping to create enough public pressure to force a compromise on capitol hill. >> thank you very much. the nation's most valuable company will be represented at state of the union is apple ceo sits next to the first lady.
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>> good morning. if i were a guest at the state of the union, i'd already be lining up on the capitol steps. cook was in san francisco just until just a short time ago. he just finished speaking at an event for which we have no pictures, a goldman sachs investors event. we assume he got on a plane and was heading towards washington where he will sit near the first lady. last year, her guest was steve jobs' widow. one of the things the silicon valley will be listening for is any mention of immigration reform. a joint venture says half of all adults working in silicon valley who have college degrees are foreign born. so immigration is critical to the valley. in fact, if you take a closer look, if you narrow it down to
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the so-called stem workers, science, technology, math, 65% of those workers in silicon valley were foreign born. back to you. >> thank you very much. you can of course watch that state of the union address right here on nbc bay area starting at 6:00. it will follow nbc bay area news at 5:00 and we'll have expert analysis of the speech at 11:00 p.m. night and then tomorrow morning at 4:30. new this morning, fire crews are still on the scene of an apartment fire in concord that gutted a second story unit on tioga road. barbara dell is live at the complex and joins us now. crews did a good job of containing the fire. >> reporter: kept it from spreading much further. the fire department has left within the past hour.
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the fire is out, the residents are safe and most of the evacuees have been allowed back inside to their homes here. this after a fire ripped through one of their neighbor's units early this morng. now, the fire department tells us the woman who live there is is very lucky she made it out unharmed. >> the good thing is that the homeowner had a working smoke alarm. it woke her up this morning and saved her life. >> without it? >> without it, she probably would have at least needed rescue and may have even killed her. >> reporter: the fire department believes the fire was accidental. that it started around a gas fireplace in that unit just before 7:00 this morning. they are still trying to figure out what was the source of ignition. the fire destroyed her unit, damaged the unit below and next door. when the fire department arrived, the fire was spreading so fast, command had to call for a second alarm and immediately started evacuating the units as
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a precaution. >> this is my first day after i got put on maternity leave. i was sleeping and i heard somebody yell, fire department, i told my husband, chris, t the fire department, wake up. we open the door, it was just immediate smoke in the house and i grabbed my son and put a blanket on him and they told us we had to get out real quick. >> how is your level of stress now? >> it's all right. >> you're hanging in there? >> yeah. >> reporter: in total, the fire destroyed one unit, damaged two more, forcing the four adults who live there to find somewhere else. one woman is relying on a friend. the others have turned to the red cross. >> thank you very much. very scary scene here. a woman injured after being hit by a stray bullet inside of her antioch apartment. a 31-year-old woman was inside
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her bedroom with her young son when she was hit by that bullet. her injury, fortunately, not life threatening. police say the shot came out from a man standing out on the street. >> from that shooting that entered this house of a totally innocent victim. it was a woman standing in an upstairs bedroom hit by this very round. fortunately, it appears to be a very minor wound. >> now, according to police, the man was shooting at a pick-up truck that was driving by. so far, no arrests have been made in the case. we have new details this morning in an overnight shooting that has left one man dead and four others injured. it happened last night near eastwood next to i-80. police say they found two men shot inside a garage. they were rushed to the hospital. one man later dieded. police say three others also showed up with gun shot wounds related to the same shooting.
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that intense debate continues over a gun store in los gatos. it was another packed house last night at the city's town council. more security was brought in after robert chang found a death threat at his home last week. chang sat out in the audience, next to his attorney, but did not say a word. >> about access to guns, there are plenty of places to purchase a weapon. the question is why do we need to be one of those places? >> i think they're running a good shop and i don't think they intend to hurt anybody in los gatos. >> the council discussed passing a moritorium that would put a freeze on opening a new shop until the council is able to come up with regulations. san jose's casino matrix is is suing the city of san jose citing a conflict of interest.
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it alleges that the gaming division administrator admitted under oath that he does consulting work for indian casinos, commercial casinos and racetrac racetracks. as we reported in january, it was the gaming commission who recommended against allowing them to open the high stakes gambling. the police chief agreeded and now, the matrix wants some sort of recourse. >> we think it's really hard to know and discern who your master is. either san jose or the traveling casino. >> the casino alleges harassment and malicious conduct, which it explains why the opening was delayed. wea we've reached out to both and have yet to hear back. >> i guess it makes sense i've
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been surrounded by spring like colors. orangish or coral. looks spectacular. much like the weather. >> a man who likes his spring fashion colors. i hear the that kocoral is hot this year. the weather is going to be perfect for outdoor lunch plans on thursday. but today, not too shabby. we had quite a bit of haze. a little fog over san francisco. right now, crystal clear conditions. a little breezy. 56 degrees right now in sunnyvale. 52 in san jose and 54 in gilroy. your weather headlines tell the story of a repeat performance. tomorrow, a little bit warmer, but hey, we're going to crank up the heat just in time for all the lovers out there, valentine's day temperatures start to climb. we'll have your full forecast
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coming up. there are some changes on the way and yeah, they're coming in before we hit valentine's day. >> kind of the barry white forecast. >> all the lovers out there. can't even touch it like you though. >> wasn't bad. thank you very much. we'll check back. still ahead, does an ex-cop on the run have any help out there? the search for a second suspect and now, the man hunt is spreading across the border. still in shock one day after pope benedict xvi announced he's stepping down, vatican officials have now set a timetable for when the next pope will be appointed. good morning to you from scottsdale. the spring training home of the world champion san francisco giants. coming up, we will have some old friends and some new friends. one's a furry friend. we'll show you in just a bit.
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new this morning, america's most wanted fugitive and now, the search for a former police officer turned shooting rampage suspect is spreading south so mexico and investigators say they believe he may have had some help getting there. court papers say an accomplice identified by the initials j.y. may have helped dorner cross the border, but federal authorities telling the time to mexico is just one of the places dorner could be hiding, stressing dorner could be anywhere at this point. at a news conference this morning, police say they're now pursuing more than 1,000 leads. >> it is frustrating and we're hopeful that something will break loose from the public and that these leads will result in something very positive in terms of bringing this to a conclus n conclusion. >> police say they continued following leads in the big bear area. this morning, the vatican
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confirms that pope benedict xvi has been wearing a pacemaker for some time. the news comes just one day after the surprise announcement that he is stepping down. the unprecedented move has leading leaders scrambling to figure out the proper procedures to elect the next pope. richard engel is following the details from the vatican. >> reporter: 24 hours later, there's still shock in the vatican city. >> sad, disappointed, sad. >> reporter: this morning, roman catholic, tourists and even some church officials wondered if this could be a moment to revitalize the church after his unexpected decision to step down. in making his announcement, the 85-year-old pontiff who has been looking frail, asked for forgiveness. i have to recognize by in capacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me he told a gathering of cardinals in
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latin, saying his advanced age forced the decision. just hours later, these images circulated around the world. these are unusual times for the vatican. the last time a pope abdicateded under similarreluctant to leave so they don't send mixed messages. there's no role for a next pope. the pope's brother spoke. >> translator: it's possible the new pope will ask, but you notice that the ageing process impacts body aund soul and he thinks that a younger person is needed to deal with today's problems. >> reporter: pope benedict will eventually move to a monastery, praying and reflects. the pope will not participate in the conclave to choose his successor. officials hope to have a new pope in place by easter. >> seems very appropriate. thanks so much. this morning, the giants are
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springing forward into a new season. >> that is right and i guess you could say the team spring loaded with a familiar cast of characters and giants right now starting another spring training as the defending world champion. always has a nice ring to it. we're in anthorizona right now. >> reporter: thank you. greetings from scottsdale stadium in arizona where the giants are getting set for cactus lead play. that comes tomorrow. today is the official report day for pitchers and catchers. and when you look at the history of spring training and what it all means, you start to think about the guys getting away and having a place to start their workout and concentrate on baseball. that begins again tomorrow, but today, very important for a time to acclimate and build some comradery. the early arrivals to giants spring training are noteworthy as this championship team
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reloads for another run at the world series title and getting a jump on the competition starts with getting back to business. >> yeah, i think all the guys like to show up a little bit early. they like to get to arizona and try to you know, acclimate to the weather a little bit because a lot of guys come from the east coast, some tougher weather, so it's always nice to get down here. get in the sunshine, unlike today, it's a little rainy, but we just have a little fun together. >> reporter: a laid back atmosphere certainly noticeable as matt cain's friend made friends. there are other considerations for showing up early. >> for me, it's because i live in the north pole and i needed to get down here where it's warm and play some catch a little bit. when you come to the clubhouse and you've got the groomed fields, the training staff, all the players, just gives your mentality a little bit of like, hey, we got to get it going. for me, i have to tell myself, hey, you got to get it going
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here. >> reporter: in the north pole that jeremy affeldt's talking about in spokane, washington. yes, it's cold, but no longer raining here. it's dried up a bit. the mornings are cool, but it will be perfect for workout weather come tomorrow and we're just getting started here from scottsdale. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. he gets to be there for two weeks. >> exactly. you're going to be heading down though, right? >> march 23rd. they play the a's. >> the fans will get baseball autographs and marla. christina, nice day in store for us today. >> we've got a great looking day. i just wabt wanted to point out, scottsdale, 51 degrees. one hour ahead of us, it is just about as warm if not warmer in all of your bay area cities. clear skies the reason why. little hazy, but not too bad. 51 degrees in san francisco. 52 in san jose. and 54 degrees in gilroy.
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our winds are moving offshore. you can clearly see that. look at all your winds coming out of the east. throughout the day today, high pressure really takes control and look at what it's doing to that marine layer. negating that marine influence, so for us, that means a warming trend. that's really going to kick in through the next couple of days. take a look at this. your satellite imagery tells the story. you see this wide area in the eastern pacific. keeping that storm track to the north all week long. we're going to peak on friday. that's when high pressure will have the most energy. that means 70s for the bay area. today, low to mid-60s. not too bad. warmer than average and tomorrow, we'll see a little bit warmer weather. 2 to 3 degrees warmer than today. today, 65 degrees. make those outdoor lunch plans in livermore, 60 in oakland and 61 in san francisco. the next few day, valentine's day is looking perfect for your picnic plans. friday into saturday, temperatures are going to stay
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nice and comfortable so you'll be able to hit the beach within this fair stretch of weather because it will continue saturday and sunday. >> thank you very much. look forward to that forecast. coming up at 11:00, meet joe cool. let you know where 49ers legend joe montana will be appearing today and is probably not where you might think. >> i'd like you to help me with this one. is this fashion forward or a faux pas? the warriors break out the new jerseys, just ahead.
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san jose leaders are pressing forward on the battle for marriage equality.
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the city council meets tonight to possibly adopt a resolution to join san francisco in its up coming brimg to the supreme court in the prop 8 case. next month, a justice is hearing arguments for the ban on same-sex marriage. the court is also expected to hear arguments on whether legally married gay couples have a right to equal benefits under federal law. today, 49er fans have the pleasure and opportunity to go one-on-one with a football legend. doesn't get much cooler than this. joe montana will be in union scare this afternoon. he'll be tossing out passes to fans and of course, signing autographs. it opened back in october, specializes in low coast japanese fashion with a little techy twist we're being told. today's event starts at 4:00. >> he's a part of their market campaign. >> sketchers, too. put himself out there for the right price. >> when we come back, the new
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uniforms that have everybody talking. plus, linsanity is back in the east bay. all that coming up next.
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jeremy lin will be back tonight at the rockets invade the home of the warriors. >> and it's also asian heritage night and the rocket's guard agree tog take part in a nice little q and a session. a palo alto high graduate and former warrior is one of very few asian americans ever to play in the nba. the warriors and rockets go off to want at 7:30. this is the last game before the all-star break. >> and the warriors will have a new uniform later this month. take a look. the team unveiled the new look yesterday. the new jerseys are short sleeve and have a very slim fit. i like them. it shows off their nice shoulders. they say they're 26% lighter than traditional jerseys and are
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made of 60% recycled material. they will wear them at three home games this season beginning february 22nd. if i were a player, just get hot. >> it must be that breathable material. >> the dri fit? thanks so much for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00 and 11:00, the state of the union at 6:00.
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liz, did you hear? yeah, is your brother gonna be okay? oh, no, not that. a new movie about janis joplin is going into production. and sheinhardt-universal is making it. i know jack can get me an audition. so i'm gonna storm into his office in character. yay! oh, liz, i knew you'd be happy for me. somebody's sleepy. i am sleepy. but i'm also so excited.
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hey, max, is this your baby sister? oh, what a cute little girl. or boy if you grow up and feel that's what's inside you. [baby hiccups] omg, liz. look at you and me and our biological clocks. you're going baby crazy and i keep getting turned on by car accidents. i'm not baby crazy, jenna. this whole adoption thing is just taking a lot longer than i thought. where did you get that little shoe? it isn't stealing if it fell on the ground. so, uh, that's the tour, elisa. i think you'll find being my mother's nurse a mixed bag. when she's in a foul mood, in can be horribly unpleasant. but at other times, she is...asleep. i understand. elder care can be stressful. uh, especially when the object of that care wanders around at night in depression-era petty pants. you should've seen my grandmother in her later years. do you know what kind of clothes old puerto rican ladies wear around the house? no.

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